SEO Tips for B2C Companies


Optimising your sites and content for search engine is not always easy. With algorithmic changes to search engines, it feels like there are just so many things to keep in mind at all times. If you are overwhelmed by SEO, here are several simple and easy tips to consider:

Add Meta Descriptions and Tags

This is a very simple tip. But most sites fail to include meta descriptions and tags for web components like images. Meta descriptions and tags make your site very easy for a search engine to comprehend. Include the main keyword in these descriptions to get better search rankings. Importantly, meta descriptions will allow your website to appear for the relevant search queries.

Use Text Links with Java Script

If you are still using Java script for some reason on image links, drop down menus or elsewhere, there should be text links on the page. Without text links, SEO experts warn that spider will not be able to “read” the content on your site. Use text because it comes highly recommended from just about any Java script expert.

Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

There’s little point in writing a great article if the headline is boring. The headline is all a web user reads before clicking on a link. So, make sure all your blog articles and other text content has highly attention grabbing headlines. Do not make exaggerated or dubious statements however to get attention. Don’t be too clickbait-y. You can still write a factual headline in a manner that makes people want to click.

Don’t Forget to Link a Backlink Network

Backlinks are still very important. In the past, backlinks have come under fire because people were using directories and spam-y sites to build massive networks of backlinks. Right now, it’s not the quantity that matters but quality. Generate backlinks with other highly reputable sites to boost your site’s appeal to search engine algorithms. Do not use unknown sites just to create backlinks. Once more, keep quality in mind.

PageRank doesn’t Matter Anymore

Don’t run your SEO campaign to get a higher PageRank. Google has abandoned this ranking system and it no longer really matters. What matters is using the right keywords to appear to the right kind of audience. So, don’t be PageRank obsessed. Diversify your strategy and aim to appeal to the target customer base.

Write Keyword-Rich Title Tags

Each page on your website must have a title tag that is not a duplicate and effectively relates what the page is about. Plus, this title tag should have at least one relevant keyword. Search engines crawl title tags before anything else. So if this is somehow off, the site’s appeal will be diminished. Don’t forget to add you company’s name in each title tag either.

Update, Update, Update

Frequency is very important for keeping the traffic coming. So, make sure you publish fresh content on a regular basis. Fresh content makes your site more relevant. Google algorithm for example prioritizes sites with new content rather than ones that are outdated.

You can do the above on your own. But you can also consider outsourcing SEO to a reputable firm for better results.