Injuries That Are Common with Road Accidents and How to Avoid Them


Road traffic accidents are not uncommon, about 1.3 million people die each year due to road accidents. And it has been found that most accidents occur in low- and middle-income country, most people who are subjects of road traffic accidents are pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. In some cases, the accidents may be minor but, in most cases, they can cause a fatal outcome.

Injuries can be classified as impact or penetrating injury and the type of injury depends upon the speed at which the person was travelling, the force of impact and the direction of impact.

Head Injuries

Injuries in the head could be sustained when the head collides with the windshield, side window or the steering wheel. These injuries can be visible like cuts or bruises but there may be internal injury as well like haemorrhage, contusion that can lead to severe consequences.

Chest Injuries

The chest may be impacted on the steering wheel or the dashboard, leading to contusions or broken ribs. If the people travelling have buckled them up with seatbelt sudden force can lead to contusions on the chest.

Limb Injury

The vehicle is not very spacious so one does not have enough legroom, collision may lead to limbs being impacted forcefully against the dashboard, doors or the front seats. Sometime due to the force of impact at one location may cause a resultant effect at another for example if the knee has been dashed the force of impact can be transmitted to the hips to cause fracture.

Whiplash Injury

Due to sudden acceleration and deceleration the head may be thrown back and forwards causing shearing of the nerves in the neck and other soft tissue injuries can also be observed.

You can get a car accident lawyer if you get into a road collision. They will help you with most of the legal processes. But the majority of these incidents can be avoided by careful and conscious behaviour when travelling.

Avoid Speeding

This seems to one of the main reasons of road accidents, because naturally when something is travelling fast the control that you have on the object reduces same with the vehicle, so to avoid injuries due to this be cautious with your speed when travelling do not make speed turns, drive at a moderate speed and stick to the road rules.


Driving under influence is another cause of car accidents, in most countries driving under influence is prohibited but still we see many disobeying the rule, to avoid harming oneself and the other party one must take the necessary caution when it comes to consuming alcohol, and if one has taken alcohol he should make sure he travels by taxi or has a chaperone.

Wearing of Protective Equipment

Wearing of helmets, seatbelts have contributed to reducing the fatalities incurred doing an accident. So, it is important that one strictly follow these.

Using Phone While Driving

This has become so common, driving requires concentration splitting this attention between phone and driving can be very detrimental. So, avoid using phone as much as possible, when driving the attention should be completely on the road.

Obey Road Rules

These rules are in place so that everyone can be safe, try understanding that and stick to itto avoid fatalities.