Things to Know About Executive Coaching

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To grasp what an executive coach is, we first need to look at the concept of coaches. Coaching is described, as per the International Coach Federation (ICF), as collaboration with customers in a thought-provoking and innovative process that encourages them to optimize their professional and personal capacity. Coaching is a customer driven process that is different from other support occupations, such as therapy, coaching, mentoring and training.

What Is an Executive Coach?

Coaching is perhaps one of the most customized activities of developing talent, since it requires an intimate and private partnership between the coach and the client. One-on-one interaction with top managers or leaders of a company (such as directors, vice-presidents, presidents or members of the C-suite) provides an executive coach with a secure, organized and reliable atmosphere in which to provide support to individuals.

The coach also allows the leader to consider their existing competencies, to see how others view them, and to concentrate on defining and clarifying current priorities, as well as taking appropriate steps to achieve those goals.

While the Association of Talent Developmentā€™s COACH model continues to be a widely-received and recognized training model, many mentors have been using the GROW framework in professional environments since the 1980s. GROW stands for goal, reality, options (or barriers) and will (or way forward). There are also other coaching styles, including FUEL; SOAR; Fierce Chats; and Intention, Viewpoints, Process.

Both models have common aspects in discovering the client’s viewpoint and truth, setting objectives and goals, providing various points of view or alternatives, and then selecting the best course of action to move towards the desired state.

This is based in a trust-based relationship that protects the protection of the client while preserving confidentiality.

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executive coaching sydney
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Types of Coaching

Executive trainers are not the only kind of coaches in the business world. Many managers are now taking classes to improve their own coaching ability so that they can ensure that their employees boost their results, gain raises and develops leadership positions. Both internally and externally coaches can be described as providing various levels of support:

Career Coaching

Assists workers wanting to make a career change, whether long or short term, providing advice on career growth and job search. Career coaches can help with writing resumes, job applications, online profiles, and job interviews.

Life Coaching

Although not the most common form of coaching within a company, life coaches may still be present individually. This coaching specialty focuses on a number of facets of life, including employment, health and wellness, finances, connections, and spiritual development.

Coaching Organizational or Corporations

Provides help to company owners and businessmen in defining priorities, designing strategies to achieve those objectives, and improving the organizational effectiveness.

Performing Coaching

Encourages those within companies who need to enhance their job performance, often as a part of performance evaluation outcomes, regardless of rank or job title.

Coaching Leadership

Provides training to those wanting to expand and improve leadership skills, irrespective whether they’re individual contributors, managers, or senior managers.