6 Ways a Business Can Finance Machine Purchasing

machinery finance
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The machines you need may be very expensive. Don’t fret; there are many ways to finance the devices. We’ve discussed this below. Read ahead.

Equipment Loans

There are specific loans for people who want to buy machinery. You don’t have to work with your local bank, as finance houses offer this type of financing too. You might be better off borrowing from a bank. The interest rates you would be charged wouldn’t be that bad.

To get accepted for the loan, you would have to have a good credit score. Otherwise, banks might see you as a risk. You only get poor credit if you have a history of not paying back debt after all.

Don’t go for a very long repayment period. If you can’t make the payments, the machinery might be seized from you. They are assets, so try and pay them off in a couple off as soon as you can.

Machine Financing Firms

Instead of borrowing from a bank or finance house, you could borrow from a machinery finance firm. Their main purpose is to give small businesses cash to buy whatever equipment or devices they would need. The beauty of working with these companies is that you’d be met with very competitive interest rates. Moreover, they let small businesses borrow very large sums. You’d likely be able to receive a sum that’s bigger than what you’d get from a bank.

machinery finance
Image Source: Pexels


Ask yourself if you need to purchase the machines. Your business may be small. It would be easier for you to get the devices on lease.

If you look around, you would find sellers that are offering leases for the devices for not much. Over time, you might be able to purchase the machines that you’ve been leasing from them.

Alternatively, you could purchase the machinery on hire purchase. The devices would be in your possession. However, you would have to pay a sum to the seller in regular periods. Once the payments are up, the machinery would be yours. Just know that the interest in the instalments would be a lot. Also, if you miss a payment, the devices would be taken from you.

As the interest rate for the hire purchase would be a lot, it would be wise to research sellers hard before you work with them.


Yes, the equipment would be very expensive. However, you might have put aside savings from your business. Tapping into it would be smart. After all, the new machines would help your company perform better, so you can think of them as an investment.

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can purchase the equipment. The most common would be to get a loan. Work with a finance firm that specializes in lending to small businesses. You would be able to borrow a large sum. Moreover, the interest rates you’d be met with won’t be that high. If you have enough savings, tap into them. The new machines would be investments.