Nike Women Air Jordan Sneakers

Jordan Sneakers

Nike’s Air Jordans have been creating ripples in the market for sneaker shoes since they first appeared on the scene ’84. While its initial fan base was limited to basketball enthusiasts and men particularly, the iconic shoes have captured the imagination of a much larger audience since. Women have joined the legions of loyal fans, giving rise some swoon worthy women’s Nike Jordan shoes. While female sneakerheads have been around forever, they are starting to find recognition as a valuable demographic with the entry of more female designers, muses, collaborators, buyers and collectors in the market.

If you happen to be one of these enthusiastic sneakerheads, looking for the best Jordan sneakers for Women that money can buy, look no further! Here are the contenders:

1. Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15

Billie, a musical heartthrob with her signature style collaborating with a brand synonymous with style and youth seems like the perfect marriage! With this collaboration, Billie Eilish brings her eccentricity to the design of her much beloved Air Jordans. The shoe is designed to be a showstopper, with its easily noticeable earthy tones and jet plane-like silhouette. These designer sneakers also go a step ahead for sustainability as they are made with 20% recycled material (by weight). This one is a must have for every true ‘Avocado’!

2. Air Jordan 11 Retro          

This one is a definite head-turner! Venturing away from solids, Nike went with a bold animal print, monochromatic look for this stunner. The Jordan 11 Retro is fashioned in synthetic leather and Nike’s unique Air Sole. It has a carbon fiber shank which makes it super durable and lightweight. The 11 Retro is sustainable, comfortable, and uber-fashionable, all rolled into one. This is a true collector’s gem and is sure to be a statement piece with any outfit.

Jordan Sneakers

3. A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 3

If there was ever a Nike piece celebrating the brand’s female patronage, it is this one. Everything about this shoe, right from its introductory video paying homage to women of colour, to the carefully chosen color palette, put women and their strengths front and center. James Whitner, responsible for this beauty named ‘Raised by Women’, has claimed it to be inspired by his own mother who bought him his first pair. Inclusive sizing, excellent engineering, satin details and inspiring maxims—this one is a no-brainer addition to your collection. The A Ma Maniere collection has been well-received and honestly, long due as it shines a light on the less-recognized female enthusiasts and collectors of the iconic Jordans.

4. Union x Air Jordan 4 ‘Tent and Trail’

For the girls who prefer a serious pop of colour with the signature Nike swag, the Air Jordan collab with Union is a dream come true. This design has a retro-nod and combines some interesting hues. The palette celebrates colors of nature giving it a refreshing outdoorsy vibe. Suede in bright tones and a unique folded tongue make this piece stand out from the oh-so-familiar Jordans silhouette. This one has popular patrons like the Migos trio and that’s no surprise considering this may be one of the best designs that Nike has given us in 2021.

5. Jordan Delta 2

The Jordan Delta 2 is the perfect balance between the signature Jordan that we know and love, and a fresh, exciting spin. It comes with comfortable and durable features, synonymous with Nike. But that’s not all—it amps up the swagger with its futuristic, spacesuit-looking exterior combined with varying texture patterns and bold stitching.

This striking piece stands out for its color palette as the red accents and black detailing ground the airy grey tones. This mixed material beauty sports suede and ultra-soft foam, handcrafted to perfection. The sole has rubber pods to increase traction, making you feel like you are walking on clouds in these shoes. The muted palette ensures that this pair will add flair to any outfit you pair it with, while holding its own.

With the holiday season just around the corner, these marvelous pairs will make perfect presents for the incredible women in your life. Or how about indulging yourself and growing your collection by a stunning piece or two!