4 Cool Things About Layby You Must Know

image source: pexels

Are you planning on opting for layby for the very first time? It is always good to have complete insight before you proceed with matters that involve money, even if it is about shopping for little things. Here are some reasons why people choose to layby. 

Like It? Own It!

Haven’t we all had those awful experiences where we fell head over heels in love with an outfit or jewellery the moment we laid eyes on it, but had to simply let it go like a dream because we just could not afford to buy it, and wouldn’t ever (or so we’d thought)? Thanks to lay-buy, you would never have to go through such agony ever again!

Anything that catches your eye, most of the time is likely to be affordable, even if it can be a little expensive. By splitting the total cost of a product and paying just one part of it at the time of purchase you get to own the outfit (even if you can’t have it in your possession straight away) you’ve always been dying for and never thought you could have. 

Helps you Budget

For those who have the habit of planning and sticking to budgets, it can be difficult doing things differently. One of the good things about layby is that you can plan and set your budget until you complete the whole payment.

In other words, you will know the exact amount to be allocated, and so you are less likely or simply would not have to deal with unnecessary complications when it comes to paying off the due amounts. Usually, the setup fee is quite low when it comes to layby, and that’s just another good news if you are a ‘strict budget’ sort of person

Great for Seasonal Shopping

It sure is exciting buying Christmas gifts, however, the fact that the shopping bills hit the roof is the part that isn’t much fun to deal with. Most of us stick to a monthly budget based on our income and manage our expenses accordingly. When this is the case, spending loads on additional shopping at once can actually put you in a tight spot financially, and this only takes away the spirit and the enjoyment in Christmas.

With layby however, you will be able to pay in agreed instalments, no matter how large your purchase, which means you would not have your bank account or wallet swept out in one go! You can plan and start shopping ahead, so you’ll have the stuff at your door just in time, when you’ve finished paying for them.    

No Risks

The thing about buy now, pay later facilities is that it could turn out to be inconvenient and complicated at times mainly because the product is already in your possession. This makes it quite a process where returns, exchanges, and cancellations are concerned.

Also, there is often an interest charged, which only makes things a little messier. With layby however, you wouldn’t be dealing with any fuss. There is no interest involved, and the products you purchase do not reach you until you’ve completed payment, which is only for the better – no complications or risks of any sort!