101 To Spend Some Quality Time with Your Children

Quality Time

No sooner than they’re born, kids eventually become toddlers who are ready for pre-school and without you even realizing, they’ll be on their way to becoming teenagers next. So, it’s is important for every parent to cherish their time with kid in every way possible.

As a parent, I’m sure you try to come up with different and fun ways to interact with them and keep them busy. With most kids these days giving their focus into technological devices, it is important to create a fun and screen-free environment around them in order to boost their development and of course bond with people. Here are a few interesting ways to spend some quality time with your kid!

Puzzles – Putting together pieces

Did you know that solving puzzles helps kids refine their motor and hand-eye coordination? There are so many other benefits too such as the ability to learn problem solving, sequencing, completion and even persistence.

While it takes time, the results always make a kids feel a sense of accomplishment. Having a reward for completing the puzzle can boost their interest and challenge them further. You can always start small with puzzles and then go big one step at a time.

Pool Time – A fun splash

There are several different ways to have pool time in case you don’t own a swimming pool. While you can head off to your neighbourhood pool too, you can create a more private space for you and your kid by having an inflatable pool in your backyard.

You can find it in different sizes to fit your garden space accordingly. If you’re on the lookout for such a pool at a toy store Sydney has great options. An added bonus is that it helps you’ll beat the summer heat! 

Scavenger Hunt – Searching for treasures

Nothing gets a kid more excited than a scavenger hunt! It is also an activity that comes with a list of advantages for your kids. Scavenger hunting can help kid develop a sense of learning at a very early age. They can be done just about anywhere and everywhere.

You can mix things up a little and create a different kind of scavenger hunt each time. While some are done with the hiding of objects others can be done by noting certain colours, letters or words around. It will be a great help to your kid’s vocabulary.

Cooking & Baking – Yummy things for the tummy

Aside from eating, kids love watching the process of delicious looking foods coming together. So why not pick their interest by getting them to assist you in your cooking and baking. Most children live baking cookies and cupcakes, especially since there’s more to decorate.

It helps your kid get creative and creates a perfect bonding moment between the two of you’ll. You can even pack a few together to give it around to friend and family. It’ll help your kid learn the importance of sharing!

What other activities do you think will be useful for kids?